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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

i made a funny

Banker lacked a certain something

Sir, In a meeting recently with a particularly innumerate banker (a history major with no sense of irony) with whom we were discussing risk management, our team were tempted to describe our prospective client as “one derivative short of a financial crisis”. I wonder if your readers have any other double-edged insults that they may care to share?

John Whiteman
Director at Board: Investment Strategy,
The Zeta Fund
Why yes, yes we do.

A history major responds

Sir, Though John Whiteman’s swipe at innumerate history majors struck a little too close to home for me, I’d assure him that I’m merely one tranche short of a collateralised debt obligation.

Todd Fitzgerald
Harrisonburg, Virginia
So many rich people are laughing themselves to death hopefully right now. "Hahaha! Where is Jeeves? He simply must read this."

Also, did you know the Zetas are a renegade Mexican special forces outfit that decided selling/doing drugs was way more fun than not doing that? It's true. Why does John Whiteman work for them?