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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

FT front page roundup: Underpants of Terror Edition

Some toolbag from Nigeria tried to blow up a Christmas plane but merely succeeded in esploding his weener. So only THAT will be nailing virgins in paradise. His body gets to stay on Earth and get raped in a Supermax for awhile.

President of America Barack Obama warned the terrifying terrorists that Americans will not be terrified by their terrible terrifying terrorpants of terror.

Republicans and Joe Lieberman (Republicans) think we should invade Yemen. Not double-checking our paperwork or improving airport security, no, this is for pussies. Invading the country with more guns than people is the reasonable thing to do.

In other news...
Terrorists in Pakistan think Shi'a Muslims are not nearly Muslimy enough and cannot stand seeing them live.

The Fed is extending its favorite new monetary policy tool--the ability to pay interest on reserves (also, that's what she said)--to offer banks term deposits as it prepares its exit strategy from quantitative easing.

Haha, this is genuinely funny on its own so read it. It's about boardgames in Argentina. For reals.
Also available is Bureaucracy, which exploits locals’ disenchantment with the country’s notoriously cumbersome civil service. Argentina ranked 118th out of 183 nations in the World Bank’s latest Doing Business survey, which benchmarks obstacles to commerce.

The game is designed to elicit groans of recognition to anyone who has ever spent hours grappling with regulatory issues in public offices in Argentina.

The game, made by toymaker Habano, cheerfully invites players “to waste time and lose their patience” as they move across the board with a lengthening list of documents to procure and departments to visit in their quest to complete a simple piece of paperwork.

It is a game “where everyone loses”, crows the box.

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