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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

FT front page roundup

Business leaders were very upset over the lack of clarity in the Copenhagen climate change dealie that they suddenly care about. This actually is a big deal since it will soon pay to make coal-powered cars if the carbon price drops any further. Al Gore must be spinning in his grave.

The "elected" "president" of "Afghanistan", Hamid Karzai, Earth's foremost garden gnome of corruption, appointed his corrupt new cabinet that everyone hates.

Airbus and Boeing, which compete solely to transport Happy Meals to the soldiers in whatever country the US invaded that week, got all pissy over some WTO report. The fact is they both complain about the huge subsidies the other gets while studiously ignoring the huge subsidies that they get, because, you know, fairness?

Let's see, the socioredistributizationalist healthcare bill cleared some more hurdles somehow. But Ben Nelson does not want me to get an abortion. It's my body, Ben!

And oh hey, right, if you WEREN'T DRIVING IDIOTS AROUND IN A BLIZZARD FOR 15 HOURS STRAIGHT then you may not have noticed it snowed a lot last weekend. I did not have such problems.

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