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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

FT front page roundup: As I Struggle to Catch Up Edition

Deutsche Bank plans to share the pain of a new UK banker's bonus tax in much the same way BDSM parlor attendees share it, i.e. on the buttocks by some German guy (Josef Ackermann).

Beard enthusiast Ben Bernanke will almost certainly get a second term at the Fed over Republican's impotent bitching.

Activist ("communist") investors are taking advantage of a CRAZY recent SEC ruling that allows a company's owners to have a say in the succession of CEOs. Insane, right?

And Silvio Berlusconi was set to make his acting debut in Phantom of the Opera II, which is just him nailing 18-year-olds to organ music for three hours.

ACTUALLY he was released from the hospital after a mental threw a tiny cathedral at his face, doing severe damage to his plastic surgery, also teeth.

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