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Thursday, February 19, 2009

paradigm shifts

Some Republican Senate leaders have managed to excise bits of the crayons in their brains and are prepared to back temporary nationalization of insolvent banks. Agent of Incontinence John McCain and Lindsey Graham, America's gay uncle, both agreed that such an approach may be necessary in the current environment, and by "may", they meant just fucking do it already. Human Salvador Dali painting Alan Greenspan also just came out in support of this approach.

This proves definitively that unreasonable people can disagree over literally everything except giving banks free money forever.

This comes on the heels of reports in the Washington Post that the reason Treasury elf Tim Geithner's financial rescue plan lacked details was because he made it up that morning on the toilet. Virtually everyone and their gay uncle are now backing nationalization. So yea, we're waiting, Timmy.

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