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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

FT front page roundup

Non-taxpaying weener Tom Daschle gave up his dream of fixing your healthcare after Barack Obama subtly shoved the erroneous W2 form directly up his ass. President Bush will give him the Medal of Freedom.

This is about right. Allowing Tim Geithner to slide I get. He was intimately involved in the bailouts, and of all the horrible things there are to say about that, the last thing you want right now is your Treasury secretary to be learning on the job. Tom Daschle has no such importance. Someone else I've never heard of can do healthcare.

The European Union has warned that if the United States insists on buying American, then they, like, wont. Duh.

Private equity firm TPG's efforts to sell itself for money broke down when investors insisted on paying for what it was worth, which is nothing.

And China sold more cars than the US this month for the first time ever. Hm, yea well, at least we're not foreigners.

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