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Sunday, February 8, 2009

no one could have predicted...

Gaza offensive boosted Hamas, poll concludes
Palestinian support for the Islamist Hamas movement has soared in the wake of Israel’s three-week offensive against the Gaza Strip, according to a poll released on Thursday.
As the article points out, the political narrative in Israel is that the Gaza war significantly dented Hamas's military capability, which is likely, and its political support, which is fantasy.
Israeli officials argue that Hamas has been severely weakened by the recent offensive, and say the group lost much of its military capability. Several Israeli leaders have also claimed that the war served to strengthen “moderate” Arab and Palestinian movements, while weakening Iranian-backed Islamist groups such as Hamas and the Lebanese Hizbollah.
The most worrying part of the poll is that support for Hamas has spiked in the West Bank, further undermining moderates in Fatah we're supposedly courting. Way to go, morons.

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