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Saturday, February 14, 2009

FT Weekend front page roundup

The eurozone entered its worst economic downturn in 50 years, which is amazing because the euro has only been around for ten, which means the euro is worse than Hitler.

Fed chairman Ben Bernanke was spotted heading to Rome for the G7 meeting in a baby-blue polo shirt of doom.

Chris Dodd, chairman of the Khmer Rouge Senate banking committee, added an amendment to the stimulus bill that will condemn executives of banks receiving significant state aid to the penury of your average bemonocled 19th century industrial magnate.

Twitter will receive $35m from two venture capital funds who submitted their investment pitch in under 140 characters.

And finally, the Twilight series and its hot teenage vampire sluts are literally the only thing keeping the economy alive.

Picture of the Week:

Magical Treasury elf Tim Geithner stunned markets Tuesday as news of his financial rescue plan was overshadowed by the fact that he was 3 feet tall.

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