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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

FT front page roundup

Hillary Clinton had her confirmation hearing. The Pantsuit of Freedom explained how the US will probably bomb fewer things in an Obama administration.

In a speech, Ben Bernanke highlighted that banks still have lots of worthless shit on their books just like last year and that someone should probably do something about it.

On that note, Citigroup will end its famed 'universal' banking model by putting all its shitty non-core business into separate entities, so as not to destroy the universe again.

Advertisers are having multiple orgasms over the opportunities offered by the Obama inauguration festivities.

And China's government-run Xinhua news agency is planning on more English language services so it can bitch more effectively about China's hurt feelings every time someone points out its still a corrupt dictatorship. Suck it up, pansies.

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