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Monday, January 12, 2009

FT front page roundup

Hope-fondler Barack Obama said he can't wait to get his calm, steady hands on the final $350 billion tranche of the TARP bailout monies, so he can show everyone how a real man handles a tranche.

US car companies are preparing to beg for more government support, as the US collectively forgets there is such a thing as the World Trade Organization.

US investigators are determining whether the sanctions breaking at Lloyds TSB and other European banks allowed Iran to use America to finance the doom missiles that will kill us all.

According to its dictatorship of statistics, China's economy performed better than expected last month, so please dont riot, k thanks.

Citigroup will make almost $9 billion in cash and capital gains by establishing a joint venture with Morgan Stanley for Smith Barney. Bankers recall what its like to get money from someone other than the government.

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