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Saturday, January 10, 2009

FT front page roundup

Haha, my newspaper delivery guy drilled my door with the FT this morning. He probably had to drive all the way from London. Sorry, dude...

Anyway, half a million workers in the US lucked out in December and wont have to show up for work ever again.

US job losses in 2008 were the worst since 1945, when everyone quit their job as an infantryman. The unemployment rate stands at a socialistly European 7.2%.

Former Treasury douche Robert Rubin decided to quit as board director of Citigroup before he could be ritually sacrificed at the next shareholder meeting. Citi meanwhile is selling part of itself to Morgan Stanley, for money.

Lloyds TSB of the UK will pay the US $350 million for letting dirty Muslims use American banks.

And finally, a US businessman has bought a tract of land the size of Dubai from a warlord in southern Sudan in order to live out his boyhood fantasy of being an African dictator and then getting killed in a coup the following week.

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