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Monday, January 5, 2009

FT front page roundup

Barack Obama suffers his first cabinet appointment scandal finally. Known Mexican Bill Richardson withdrew his nomination as commerce secretary because of an FBI probe into a company he was probably a day laborer for.

Obama will also have nothing to do on inauguration day because a bunch of Andrew Mellons in Congress are blocking the $1zn stimulus bill for now because, hey, its not like there's a risk of depression or anything.

In an interview, Expert on the Great Depression Ben Bernanke says there's a risk of a depression.

It turns out lots of people suspected superfraud Bernard Madoff was a superfraud and steered clients away from his superfraudery. None of this was made public however because markets don't need perfect information to operate efficiently.

Israel continues a ground offensive into Gaza, cutting it in half and maintaining its 100:1 kill ratio, which means war really is like a video game.

The venture capital industry has a tough year ahead, but a start-up to allow video conferencing to facilitate congressional subpoenas looks promising (patent pending).

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