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Thursday, January 22, 2009

FT front page roundup: Oh Hey, Look What Finally Showed Up Edition

AIG is selling off its Asian life insurance arm to pay back Hank Paulson before he breaks their legs for fun.

Tim Geithner explained to Congress that he will single-handedly save the economies, but he wont tell them how other than that it will involve money. Cocktease.

Toyota avenged Hiroshima by becoming the world's largest car maker by sales, ousting GM from the top spot which it held for 77 years.

And John Thain is attempting to secure his nomination for Executive Most Likely to be Dismembered by a Mob. Thain is the captain of the fail boat known as Merrill Lynch. It seems he tried to sneak in bonuses for Merrill executives in December instead of January, before it was taken over by Bank of America, when said bonuses would have been laughed at and shit on, since Merrill was known to have huge losses. John Thain is a human turd.

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