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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Americans don't apologize, unless we'll get laid

Mahmoud Amadi-Nejad, President of Iran and Sports Jacket of Terror, demands that the US apologize for past crimes against his country for there to be a fundamental shift in relations.

f, whatever, dude. It's not like we overthrew your government or anything. Or backed tilted toward some crazed dictator who invaded your country and killed everyone with chemical weapons. Or shot down one of your passenger airliners. Hell no.

Why don't YOU apologize for returning all our hostages alive and having a ridiculous-sounding name, and then we'll get Procter and Gamble to ease up on the sanctions so you can take a Mach-3 to that thing on your face. And if you're really nice, we'll get Oliver North to bring you some missiles again. Whatever you want.

America, fuck yeah.


Anonymous said...

jake the G Spot man looks like steve carrell in that photo. and i really like my mach 3 - i have been handing them out as gifts since it hit the market - no more nasty throat slicings and chit like that.

Todd said...

fer serious. he could use a Mach-9.