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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Invading Somalia is so 90s

Ethiopia, which invaded Somalia in 2006 so it could be like its hero, America, is pulling out its troops, to be like its other hero, Obama. The African Union has a tiny peacekeeping force of Ugandans and Burundians which will also likely pull out, because they'd rather get blown up by rebels in their own damn country thank you very much.

Somalia's internationally recognized government, which only controls whichever building it occupies, is a complete disaster. No one knows what the fuck to do. The Islamist militias, which Ethiopia intially rolled right over, have reconstituted and control much of the country again. The most powerful is the Shabaab, which sounds like a shitty 80s band. They have at least pledged to end the swashbucklery off the Somali coast, if everyone would just leave them alone to stone adulterers and women who don't behave properly.

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