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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Former president of Cyprus Tassos Papadopoulos has died. He was famous for encouraging Greek Cypriots to vote "no" on a UN unification plan with the Turkish-controlled half of the island just before Cyprus joined the European Union. Everyone was behind this plan, which would have ended a conflict that has been frozen in place since 1974 and awarded the island with a big fat EU membership.

But no. Greek Cypriots voted 2/3 against the unification plan, leaving the Turkish half out of the EU when Cyprus joined in 2004. This complicated Turkey's membership talks with the EU, since it refused to open its ports to Greek Cyprus after it rejected the deal. Greek Cyprus can now block anything in doesn't like about Turkey in the EU, which is everything. Turkey likewises blocks anything Cyprus-related in NATO.

Greek Cyprus has since elected a Turkey-hugging socialist president, and things are slowly moving again, but the amount of damage left over from the Papadopoulos' "no" vote is immense. Everyone hates Cyprus because of him.

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