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Saturday, May 19, 2007


As everyone knows, I've been on a hunger strike pending Paul Wolfowitz's resignation as World Bank chief, which is as good an excuse as any for not posting in a month, despite the fact it isn't true, but whatever.

It seemed for awhile that the Wolfer might uphold the Rumsfeld tradition and stay on despite near-universal derision--president Bush backed him to the bitter end, the Bank's board issued a weak statement on the 17th that lent some credence to Wolfowitz's version of events, and there was little chance of the board securing a vote to remove him if it came to that given the bank's voting structure. But nay, Wolfowitz and the White House coordinated a timetable for his withdrawal ($) on June 30th, at which point the World Bank will surrender to the terrorists or something.

In retrospect, all interested parties can comfort themselves that they came to the right decision, seeing as there are few things that can make a bunch development economists all touchy-feely. Note to any other leaders and executives out there, if there is a high likelihood your resignation will spark spontaneous euphoria among your own people, its probably a good idea to just go ahead and get the hell out. ::Cough, cough::

A Wall Street Journal story, linked above, notes that:
...in his resignation statement, Mr. Wolfowitz described wistfully and at length the work the bank is pursuing in Africa and said if he has "touched the hearts of Africans...then the last two years have been worth it."
Almost immediately the African Union issued a press release imploring the outgoing Bank chief to reconsider touching any more hearts, noting that Iraq's has not fared well since being ripped from its chest cavity and danced upon by Wolfowitz and company.

[above]: Paul Wolfowitz discusses post-conflict reconstruction and privatization policy at a Pentagon strategy meeting, Spring 2003.

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