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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Is that a Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper in your pocket?

I was rather ambivalent about Wolfowitz becoming World Bank president. There were certainly infinite reasons to criticize the move: no development background, never ran a large organization, a polarizing figure, etc. His only real contribution to poverty reduction at the time was to help kill lots of Iraqis, not exactly what the Bank had in mind. Still, how a highly professional organization would handle someone who was used to hyping Laurie Mylorie conspiracy theories in the bowels of the Pentagon was sort of beside the point for me at the time.

Sort of like if Bush was demoted to Secretary of Transportation for no reason. "Oh. Ok? I guess. He cant kill anybody there, right?"

Part of me (the naive part) held out hope that Wolfowitz, now isolated from means with which to destroy things, would finally match up his hitherto touchingly hollow concern for poor people with actual efforts, results, and so forth. I share his concern with corruption in the developing world, which erodes confidence in state institutions if not the institutions themselves, which is vital for development. This is not to excuse the tactlessness with which he pursued this campaign, which didn't differentiate enough between the petty and the grand.

But no, he fucked things up superbly, in a fashion that could not more clearly define a hypocrite. I'd call him the least likeliest sugar daddy ever, but after further consideration, seriously, what woman could resist this...

Meanwhile, sane people make the logical conclusions.

[above]: "Mmmmm....structurally adjust this, Mr. Wolfowitz."

Oh get the fuck out:

Paul Wolfowitz may be under increasing pressure as head of the World Bank. But aside from his girlfriend Shaha Riza – the Bank employee whose large pay rise and promotion on secondment to the State Department has generated the whiff of scandal – he still has at least one fan.

Writing about the controversy that has embroiled the former deputy defence secretary, one staffer wrote the following posting on the World Bank Staff Association website:

“I heard that they separated. Do you know whether Paul is available these days? I am currently at level GG. I would be willing to date him for a while provided I can work outside the Bank.

“A position at the State Department would be fine. Pentagon would be fine too although I would not want to go to Irak [sic] since I would want to stay close to Paul. I promise I will not ask for any promotion or salary increase. Please let me know.”

When the lonely heart failed to get a response, she weighed in again: “Could the Staff Association answer my previous comment and let me know whether Paul is available? I am an attractive swf GG-level economist in my late 40s.”

Caving, the SA responded: “Dear anonymous swf, matchmaking is not one of the services and [sic] SA provides to staff.”

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